Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Crowe" Sighting and Finishes

Last week my friends and I went to the Tree of Life Samplings retreat. On the way, we took a detour to Zionsville, Indiana to have lunch, visit a new needlework shop, and  some antique shops. As I was waiting in line at Persnickety, the needlework shop, I happen to look out and see this sign:

I followed it, knowing that a fellow "Crowe" just had to be behind it! There was. Her name is Cindy Crowe and she owns the As the Crowe Flies Hair Salon and Boutique. The shop was darling and so is she. We joked about being distant cousins and she insisted that I take home one of her mugs. 

There is a great Youtube piece that talks about her and how she came to naming her shop. It's very cool:  You should check it out.

Just had to have one more shot. My friends are so understanding!!!

Okay, enough already with the "Crowes.  Here's what I just got back from Cathy at the Inspired Needle:

First up is a cute design from the Souvenirs of Summer. Pattern by Blackbird Designs. It's called Summer Song and I love everything about it; the flag and a black bird, who could want more????

I did it on 35 count Parchment fabric with the called for fibers. You can't see it, but Cathy padded it with 3 pieces of quilt batting and I love the effect.

Next is Roses in July by Needle Work Press.  It's an adaption of an antique piece. Cathy sells this pattern kitted up with the Belle Soies and the fabric. I was so happy that she did this. It saved me some money, since the pattern calls for 7 skeins of Belle Soie! It's a tiny piece, measuring only 3.6 x 3.7 inches. I'm happy with the frame because it really makes it look like my grandmother might have stitched it.

It just would be a post if I didn't include my latest Word Play, so here is June:

Thank you for visiting. We are expecting record heat here for the next couple of days, so you know where I'll be! Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Peter Comes Home!!!

It's been awhile, but Peter and Peep is framed and home! Cathy did an amazing job! I am so happy with the way it turned out!!!

The frame, itself, is just beautiful. I  love the detail. I already told Cathy that I wanted my Christmas Garden finished with this frame!!!

I'll be putting Peter away until next Spring, but I couldn't resist hanging it for just a little while. It's under With thy Needle and Thread's Springtime Social.

A post just wouldn't be complete without a picture of my latest Word Play. Here's May. Don't you just love the little bee hive flying the flag.

 Lest you think I've not been stitching since my last post, I've been busy stitching on CHS The Birds & The Bees and I've finished a very cute little little piece by Blackbird Designs called Summer Song. I dropped it and another design, Roses in July, An Adaptation of an antique by NeedleWorkPress off at Cathy's today. I hope to have pictues soon! Thank you, as always, for taking time to visit and for your wonderful comments.