Saturday, January 18, 2014

Great Mail Day!!!

Whenever I have the opportunity to do so, I love having the wonderful ladies at Shepherd's Bush kit up their designs for me.  Valentine Trifles and Happy Snowman just arrived.  Their packaging is always amazing.

Everything I need to stitch and finish these two designs has been provided.

Gorgeous fabric.

Beautiful fibers.

Backing fabric, beads, and trim!
Oh, yes, they even include the needle.

 This is their New Year treat. The graph can be printed off their web site. I asked them to kit it for me.

If this wasn't happiness enough, I also received the newest Nan Lewis pattern that I ordered from her Etsy Shop.  

She was nice enough to autograph it for me.

It's such a beautiful design. I can see this done in any number of  different fabric and fiber combinations. 

It's cold and snowy today, so I see myself hunkering down with my needle. Now if I can only decide which to start first!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. What wonderful new stash you received Linda! The SB Valentine kit is darling and they packaged it so beautifully. Lucky gal got a signed chart from Nan!! Looking forward to your progress!

  2. You lucky gal. All I've been receiving is bills!

  3. Mail was very nice to you! What great designs!

  4. What a great way to spend the weekend. Can't wait to see them finished!!

  5. Lots of great new projects! Have fun stitching!

  6. Wonderful new stash! Can't wait to see your finishes.

  7. Wonderful new stash. I printed out the SB snowman freebie yesterday.

  8. Great stash enhancement, I love the Happy Snowman design :)

  9. So pretty! You certainly have some fabulous charts and supplies there! Happy stitching to you!

  10. How fun!!!!! Your stomach must have been doing loop d' loops with excitement! I can't wait to figure out what fabric/fiber combo we are going to use for the new design by Nan!!!!!

  11. Their packaging is lovely. Makes you want to order more, doesn't it? Have fun with your new projects.

  12. What a lovely mail day! I love seeing how SB packages everything. Such a treat!

  13. Now that's my kind of mail day!! Have fun with all that lovely new stash, Linda! And thanks for the link to the snowman freebie at the SB site. He is such a cutie :)

  14. You did have a great mail day! Love the way your packages came and the fibers and threads are gorgeous!

  15. A lovely mail day, indeed! It must be a hard decision with all these pretties to choose from!

  16. Wonderful new stash. Thanks for the freebie info. Another must do!!

  17. What a fabulous mail day! Gorgeous packaging!

  18. I agree it's so much fun to get kitted stash in the mail and all the extra touches are so thoughtful. Hope you have fun stitching these. Nice finishes too on your previous post!

  19. What a great mail day, it's always exciting to receive stash in the post. I wish I could order directly from Shepherds Bush, but being in the UK I can't! Looking forward to seeing your finishes.

  20. Found you via the prim stitchers facebook group. HELLO!

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