Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cardinal Homecoming!

While awaiting Sergei's homecoming, I got a call from Cathy at The Inspired Needle that another one of my friends was ready to come home. Here he is:

I'm sure you all recognize Blackbird Designs, Tis the Season.

I absolutely love the frame that Cathy helped me pick out. She really out did herself because she had to order the two components of the frame separately from two different frame companies and then put them together before being able to frame the piece. Now you know why I trust all my framing to her.

 Of course you know I wasn't going to leave there without some other little goodie in my hand so I picked up the Widgets and Wool Primitives pattern, "Spring Robin". 

 With another Winter Weather Advisory forecast for tomorrow,  I guess this is just wishful thinking!!

Looking forward to the weekend when I'm going to meet up with my friends for a day of stitching, sharing and stashing!!!  Hope you are all enjoying your week and are able to find time to do what we all love best!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Comings and Goings!

Today Sergei left home to go to my LNS, The Inspired Needle, to be framed.

I loved stitching this design and can't wait to see it framed!!! My friend Cathy, the owner of the shop, always does a great job with my pieces.
While Sergei may have left, look what came back home with me.

Remember Turkey Love. Here it is framed!!! It's really going to be hard to put it away until next Autumn. That's not all. Shepherd's Bush's Take Joy was ready to come home, too.

While I was browsing this Mani di Donna pattern caught my eye. So it ended up coming with me too.

Along with some fabric and fibers.

I can't wait to start on these little beauties, but first I'm going to stitch another great Paulette Stewart design, A Colonial Garden.

I'm stitching it on 35 count R&R 18th Century Rook with the called for NPI silks. I think it will make the perfect Valentine's Day piece.
Thanks for taking the time to visit. We're suppose to have some snow tomorrow, so it should be a great day to stay in and stitch!!!