Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Perfect Summer Sampler

I just finished the Pink Sparrow Sampler  from With thy Needle and Thread designs and I must say that I enjoyed every single stitch of it.

The themes really appealed to me. I loved the birds, especially the sparrow with his pink legs!!!

The flowers are just lovely. Not to mention those two darling little dogs at the bottom of the piece. But most of all I LOVED the colors of the fibers. They are gorgeous and made the piece so much fun to do.

Several of my stitching buddies are doing this piece, as well. What made it so much fun is the fact that we all made it our own by converting to a different  linen.   I used 36 count Lakeside Vintage Lentil  and substituted CC Frosted Sage (1 strand of floss over two threads) for the GA Shaker Lexington Green .

This sampler is undated but it is thought to be from around the 1840's.  It never fails to amaze me that something so old continues to be so current. I like the thought that something that graced the walls of someones home over 170 years ago, will now find a place on mine.  Yes, it was truly the perfect Summer Sampler!!!

Hope everyone had a great summer of stitching!