Monday, July 25, 2011

First Blog

For starters, I consider myself a very fortunate person because I have a wonderful group of stitching “buddies” who inspire and encourage me with my stitching projects. We get together often for stitch nights where we all have a great time. I’m also lucky enough to have a terrific shop nearby called the Inspired Needle in Lemont, Illinois. Cathy, the owner, stocks everything you could ever want and then some. Besides being a friend, she’s very knowledgeable and always makes me look good with her fabric and framing suggestions.  And so, with the encouragement of family and friends, I’ve decided to join all you other great bloggers out there and share some of my own recent finishes. 

First up is a group SAL that I did with my stitching friends. Periodically we choose a group project where we all stitch the same pattern, but choose different fabrics and fibers.  Since this is our “summer project”, some of us decided to think “out of the box” with our fibers. You can see Karin’s fun finish on Laura’s Maude and Mozart blog.

Basket of Flowers
Stacy Nash Primitives
30 count Iced Cappuccino fabric by R&R
2 over 2
Belle Soie fibers: Mudpie, Attic Tea, and Amanda’s Apple

Brenda from Brenda’s Stitching Corner joins us at the Sunday stitch-ins at Inspired Needle. She and I did this SAL. She made her finish into a beautiful pillow. Check it out on her blog.

Let us be truly thankful picture
Let Us Be Truly Thankful, the Americana Edition
Heartstring Samplery
36 count Heroic fabric by PTP
1 over 2

Land of the Free
July 2011 issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework
30 count Sheep’s Straw fabric by R&R
2 over 2
Belle Soie fibers as called for.

I’m partial to stitching bird designs, so this ornament was a “must”. I love the idea that it was inspired by different bird motifs stitched on antique samplers in the Historic Stitches collection.

Christmas Songbirds Ornament Picture
Christmas Songbirds Ornament
Historic Stitches
40 count Ivory Ricamo
1 over 2
Gloriana fiber: Mulled Wine

This  is my sweet little “Come Home” piece from Shepherd’s Bush. It was such a quick and fun stitch.

Come Home Picture
 Shepherd’s Bush – Come Home

Finally, here is the Blackbird design I’m currently working on.

Loose Feathers Summer
Blackbird Designs
36 count Lentil fabric by Lakeside Linens
1 over 2
CC and GA fibers as called for.

As soon as I saw this beautiful Blackbird design in the July issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework, I knew I had to do it. I enjoyed every last stitch!

Thank you for taking time out from stitching to read my first attempt at blogging.  I’m looking forward to being a part of this wonderful stitching community and sharing my “works in progress” and finishes. A big thank you also goes to my wonderful niece, Megan, who got me up and going! Until next time, keep stitching.

Linda C.


  1. This is a stunning and glorious blog!!!!! Great pics!!! Of course, this might mean that I might not have access to showing all your great work on my blog!!!! That is okay though......I am so happy that you will be showing all of your wonderfully stitched pieces. You have exquisite taste and your stitching is perfect!!!! Love you!

  2. Linda --
    I'm SO glad you are going to do a blog!!!!! Your stitching is just beautiful and everyone will be able to enjoy it now:))))

    Love your new Loose Feathers start. I may have to start that one very soon.

  3. Linda ~ your blog is fabulous! How fun ~ thanks for sharng

  4. Yay! Your first post - the blog looks great. I love the template and the feather under "Crowes" is so cool!! Megan did a fantastic job! Of course, I don't need to tell you how awesome your finishes are! I'm just glad I get to see them in person. Welcome to blogging fun. Can't wait to see more posts from you!!


  5. Love your gorgeous stitching and blog! Beautiful designs. Lucky to have such a great stitching group! All the best!

  6. I love your blog background! So glad to find your blog and wonderful stitching. Welcome to blogland and I can't wait to visit often!

    Happy stitching...

  7. Welcome to blogging Linda!! Love your blog design and of course I know how gorgeous your stitching is as I am lucky to be your friend and see them all in person.

  8. Welcome to the blogger community! Your blog and stitching are beautiful!


  9. Oh what fun! Welcome to blogging! It's so great to see another one of those lucky women from the Inspired Needle group blogging. You have a bunch of eye candy in your first post. So inspiring! Beautiful work! I love your blog design too! Looking forward to following your blog.

  10. Welcome to blogging! Enjoyed reading your first post and look forward to many more. Your stitching is lovely.

  11. Welcome to the wonderful work of blogging. You have a wonderful group of stitchers that gather at Inspired Needle. I'm looking forward to following your blog.

  12. We love adding more stitchers to our world of stitching bloggers -welcome! Your blog is lovely as it all of your stitching too. I used to live in Clarendon Hills many years ago and hope to visit the Inspired Needle next time I am in the area - we still have some family in the western/southwestern suburbs. It looks like a great shop from the photos Laura has posted.

  13. Such beautiful stitching! I'll be checking back often to see what you've been up to. I hope you enjoy your blog as much as we will enjoy reading it!

  14. Welcome to the blogging world! I loved seeing your post, having admired your stitching through Laura's posts. Enjoy!

  15. I love your first post - and for sharing your beautiful stitching. I look forward to seeing Loose Feathers grow - this design has been beckoning me!

  16. Welcome to the world of blogging - you've got some great stitching there, well done!

  17. Welcome to the blogging world Linda. It's lovely to meet you. You have some gorgeous stitching there :)

  18. Hi, new follower here, I found you via Laura from Maude & Mozart.
    You've made a great blogging start, looking forward to seeing more. Now you must tell me why you are the "Keeper of the Crowes", I'm sure there is an interesting story there.

  19. Welcome to the blogging world! I love all that you've posted. Great pieces and wonderful finishes!! I'm excited to see more posts from you. I love your choices in stitching!

  20. Very nice, Linda! Hope to see you soon!

  21. Welcome to the blogging community, Linda !!! I am a good friend of Karin and order frequently from Cathy. Looking forward to seeing many of your projects :-)

  22. Welcome, welcome, Linda! I'm sure you'll love the world of blogging--stitchers are the nicest people :)

  23. And no sooner do I promise to look for Crows then I find one! Serendipitous or what?
    Scroll down to July 18th for chart.

  24. Hi! Linda
    Great start!
    Have loads of fun blogging and we will surely have fun reading it and looking at all the fabulous finishes and WIP's